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Flavia’s in the kitchen again

Flavia made chicken pie today, and I’m very proud of her.

Chicken pie with stars

Chicken pie with stars


Clocks went back

Clocks went back last night, so feeling wonderfully rested this morning. There’s now only 2 hours difference between here and Brazil.

Plans for today:

  • Housework – clean out kitchen, living room, do washing
  • Study Portuguese for about 30 mins
  • Read Chapter 3 of The Iliad and The Economist

It’s a nice day outside, so I might go for a walk as well. Not sure about Church today – I still feel guilty going and standing there at the moment with all that I’m doing wrong.

Today’s Diary

Still staying at Kay’s. Went to Lakeside, bought some stuff for the kids – a dictionary, a horse book, some educational games. Also bought The Iliad, and a couple of Robert Harris books (Imperium, Pompeii) from Waterstones.

Came home, ate pizza, drank red wine. Uploaded photos to Flickr from our day in Southend. Had a bath. Watched Casino Royale, and finally understood the story (with the aid of Wikipedia).

Julie called and said her computer’s gone wrong, so I said I would take a look at it next weekend.

Flavia is OK today – in the morning she was great, but by the evening she seemed a little down. I bought her the ‘Cute Overload’ calendar as well. She had her English lesson this morning, and didn’t want to go. I’m proud of her because she really fought the depression today.